Straits Brew Lemongrass Pandan


10 Sachets × 10g

The lemongrass-pandan infusion balances the vibrant citrus-floral aroma with a hint of vanilla. Savour it warm or chilled just like how mum does it.


Lemongrass, Brown Sugar, Pandan Leaf

  Hot:- Add 200ml of boiling water, wait for beverage to cool down before consumption

  Cold: Add 80ml boiling water, wait 3 minutes before topping with ice.

Store in a cool and dry environment

Straits Brew empowers the modern mother to express care to family and pamper herself through a curated healthier range of beverages, in the form of granulated ingredients.

Sourcing premium lemongrass and pandan

Raw brown sugar is subtly added to the infusion

Sealed for freshness, free from preservatives