Straits Brew Ginger (10 Sachets x 12g)


10 Sachets × 12g  

Ginger has a long history in Asia as a herbal condiment and spice. It is enjoyed in Asia as refreshing tea.

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Lemongrass, Brown Sugar, Pandan Leaf

  Hot:- Add 200ml of boiling water, wait for beverage to cool down before consumption.

  Cold: Add 80ml boiling water, wait 3 minutes before topping with ice.

Store in a cool and dry environment.

Straits Brew empowers the modern mother to express care to family and pamper herself through a curated healthier range of beverages, in the form of granulated ingredients.

Sourcing the finest pearl barley and coix seed.

Pre-cook and micro-ground the barley mix.

Sealed for freshness, free from preservatives.

Made in Singapore | Halal | ISO22000 | Healthier Choice – Lower in Sugar