Frequently Asked Questions

What is iLite?

iLite is a leading lifestyle brand for low sugar, low caloric and low GI products from Singapore. iLite places an emphasis on reducing sugar, calories and lowering the glycemic response through enhancing everyday food enjoyment.

What kind of products do we have?

We believe that making tastier, healthier food and beverages should be easy, and this belief spans across our entire product range:- Low-GI multigrain cereals, Tabletop Sweeteners, Sugar Replacers for Cooking and Baking and Lower in Sugar beverages.

Can I consume iLite products while being pregnant?

Yes, you may consume iLite’s product in moderation during pregnancy as it helps to promote better blood glucose level, which smoothens your prenatal journey. If you are in doubt, please consult your doctor first.

Traits of iLite products?

iLite’s product is either healthier choice certified, sugar/calorie-free and free from artificial flavourings.

iLite’s Quality Assurance?

All of iLite’s product is designed, created and produced in Singapore with the highest quality standard ensured.